Catering to Your Needs!

We have assisted hundreds of businesses in securing $61 Million in Public Works Contracts.

We provide small businesses & supplier diversity contract providers with comprehensive technical support to achieve contract and shareholders’ program objectives.

Through our uniquely designed business infrastructure system, our clients develop high performance and competency in four vital areas:

  • Business Planning
  • General Operations Management
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Cash Flow Management



  • DBE/MBE/SBE/DVBE Program Management and Oversight

    Buchanan & Associates manages contracts, procurement, and small disadvantaged business programs to ensure prime contractors and subcontractors adhere to public works and private sector Contract Owner/Provider’s guidelines and requirements.  Such areas of service include:

    • MBE/DBE/SBE/DVBE goal setting & attainment
    • Project contract compliance
    • Conducting Commercial Useful Function Reviews and Close-out Audits
    • Good Faith Effort (GFE) monitoring and compliance
    • Project labor compliance
    • Small Disadvantaged Business Mentoring
    • Local Worker and Local Hire program management
    • Construction Careers Plan (CCP) management and oversight
    • Monthly/Quarterly Reporting
    • Paperwork Management

    We provide technical assistance to help small disadvantaged businesses become contract-ready. Our consultants also conduct pre-qualification assessments with eligible bidders/proposers/vendors, and present critical design-bid and bid-build contract information at pre-construction and post-construction conferences to ensure compliance with sustainable building bond program or public contracting initiatives.

    Business Outreach & Community Outreach

    • Developing and implementing business outreach program plans for public works projects
    • Conducting door-to-door outreach in the local communities
    • Providing technical assistance to help small businesses become contract-ready
    • Establishing partnerships with local workforce development agencies
    • Establishing consensus-building with key community stake-holders
    • Conducting Value Engineering on the project
  • Business Plan Development

    Our Business Plan Development Consultants assist clients with professionally developing and writing their business plan, which includes conducting research and market analysis.

    There are four types of business planning services we provide:

    • Comprehensive Business Plan
    • Basic or Standard Business Plan
    • Do-it-Yourself Business Plan (this format with a pre-developed template provided)
    • SBA 8(a) Certification Business Plan

    Whichever format the client chooses we help him/her understand how to utilize the business plan as an organizational blueprint and planning document that provides them guidance with regard to the company’s current status and where the owner plans to take the company within a pre-determined timeframe.

    We work with the client to establish an executive summary, overview of the company, products and/or types of services being offered to its customers, competitors, a SWOT Analysis, marketing, and a financial summary plan, and professionally generated Graphs and Charts. We assist the client in utilizing the business plan to identify important business opportunities, and zero in on problems before they escalate out of control.

  • Know-Your-Personnel (KYP) Personality Behavioral Profile

    This training is designed to assist with behavioral effectiveness and delivery of measured efficiency to organizations, where staff members, co-workers, team-members, peer-suppliers, and supplier diversity procurement officers

    most valuable skills are identified and utilized to boost productivity. Key personality and behavioral traits are assessed and evaluated where vital talents to the team’s success are harvested to generate practical solutions.

    Comprehensive exercises are conducted in an interactive manner in order to successfully carryout this process which benefits the company and all members who participate.

    Our Small Business Development Consultants offer practical experience as well as the opportunity to make a measurable impact on small businesses.

    1. We will work on specific projects related areas such as business development and supplier diversity training for disadvantaged business communities.
    2. We will serve as a liaison between the business community and the local government’s Office of Economic and Business Opportunity.
    3. We will provide guidance of experienced mentors who will supply support to each business owner.

  • Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Development

    Buchanan & Associates assists small business owners and managers develop and implement safety plans and underscore the fact that their primary concern is strictly adhering to those obligations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in their daily business operation and on all projects. OSHA is an agency of the United States Department of Labor that was created in the 70’s to prevent work-related injuries and occupational fatalities by issuing and enforcing rules and regulations that make the private work sector safer.

    Buchanan & Associates Provides the Following Services for Your Business:

    • Compliance procedures development;
    • Maintaining a safe work environment;
    • Establishing workers roles and responsibilities;
    • Safety and employees’ performance reviews;
    • Policies and Procedures Development Illness and Injury Prevention Plan (IIPP)
    • Hazard Communication Plan Development Site Specific Safety Plan Development
    • Generate AON reports
    • Management’s responsibility for ensuring safety and health policies/procedures;
    • Providing training to workers whose safety performance is deficient;
    • Work with business owners and managers to develop special forms for enforcement.

    All public works contract providers expect contractors and vendors to have a functional Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in place before a contractor can work on their projects.

  • Certification: SBA 8(a), DBE/MBE, SBE, DVBE, WOSB

    Buchanan & Associates provides technical assistance to small business owners seeking any of the following types of certifications:


    • SBA 8(a) Application Preparation
    • DBE/MBE Application Preparation
    • SBE Application Preparation
    • DVBE and Service Disabled Veteran Certification Application Preparation
    • Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

    Buchanan & Associates packages certification applications for eligible DBEs, MBEs, SBEs, and SBA 8(a) applicants but first, we educate clients on the benefits of each certification program and which program may best suit their business model.  Buchanan & Associates work closely with the client to collect pertinent documents and utilize a specific strategy to collect data as required by the State of California’s Office of Small Business, the Small Business Administration (SBA), Metro, and or the City of Los Angeles. Once eligibility is determined, the client’s documents is then collected and processed expeditiously, then submit to the respective certifying agencies for approval. Business owners don’t need to worry about the process because Buchanan & Associates takes care of everything providing them a worry-free experience.

    Below, are some of the key services involved in preparing clients’ certification application:

    • Assist clients in adhering to proper certification protocol.
    • Process and evaluate determinations of eligibility for DBE and/or SBE certification based on group membership, business size, ownership, and control.
    • Compile and assemble pertinent documents such as ethnic lineage, citizenship, etc.
    • Determine DBE and SBE size standards.
    • Evaluate applicant firm’s stock certificates.
    • Review Corporate By-Laws and Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes for compliance.
    • Ascertain validity status of Certificate of Good Standing.
    • Develop Economically Disadvantaged Status Narrative.
    • Review and ensure Domestic Stock Corporation Document is in compliance.
    • Prepare Transmutation Agreements.
    • Review and ensure compliance of all financial statements and required tax returns of the applicant firm.
    • Analyze and evaluate Personal Net Worth Statements for SBA 8(a), DBE, SBE certification applicants.

    Buchanan & Associates has a 90% certification approval rating; the other 10% occurs when some clients fail to follow the specific instructions of our consultants!

  • Supplier Diversity Business-readiness and Contract-readiness


    • Buchanan & Associates conducts a comprehensive needs analysis with small business owners, and establish required resources necessary to aid in the identification and development of the four primary components of a successful small business which are: Business Planning & Strategies; General Operations Management; Business Development & Marketing; and Accounting and Cash Flow Management.
    • Provide small business management counseling and technical assistance to clients to aid in organizational and professional growth, resulting in the achievement of specific milestones and strategic operational business goals.
    • Identify and remove barriers to business growth by conducting Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analyses with clients and their companies; a successful and effective business tool utilized with most of our clients.
    • Develop strategies and objectives with desired outcomes that will enable clients to build capacity and elevate the business’ performance to that of high performing businesses.
    • Assist small businesses in developing the tools and components that supplier diversity contract providers require in their vendors.

    As your business development and infrastructure development consultant of choice, we will demonstrate our ability to serve you, the suppliers, subcontractors, and local communities with whom we interface.

    Our dedication and commitment to each client extends far beyond the work we perform. Buchanan & Associates promises to pursue our mission of client dedication and company integrity, exceptional project delivery, safety compliance, and federal/state regulation enforcements.


Labor Compliance

(Business Outreach)
If you are a public works agency, prime contractor, or subcontractor who needs an experienced labor compliance consultant to perform oversight and enforcements, serve as expert witness for contractors, subcontractors, or contract owners; review/generate certified payroll records, conduct audits, prevailing wage, DAS 140 requirements, please contact us immediately.
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Contract Compliance

(Monitoring & Enforcements)
We develop and manage the following services for key clients…Form 103 reports, monthly/quarterly reports, public works and commercial contracts, DBE/SBE/SBA 8(a) program monitoring, certifications, prime contractor and subcontractor plans.
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Business Infrastructure System

(BIS) Learn how to upload and access your important business infrastructure documents from anywhere in the world. If you are not sure if your business infrastructure is properly developed to help you achieve profitability and contract opportunity, we will help you develop the four (4) key areas of a winning business infrastructure.
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Project Management

(PM) When you need a professional to ensure Best Practices, Benchmark Standards, Budget & Cost Control Management, Project Monitoring & Control; Estimating, Critical Path Schedule Management, Change Management Implementation
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HR Guidelines & PLA Basics

For the most up-to-date and current policies/procedures, professional guidance, ensuring Best Practices, staff & management training and support, labor law guidelines, evaluations, implementation plans.
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